Things I’d Change About The World

IMG_6350Synergy exists in all things for the most part.  We all seem to function quite well in a world of immense chaos.  There are a handful of things that strike me very boldly that I would like to see changed in the world.  Here they are:



No participation trophies– this one is number one and seriously irks me to no end.  Since I was a little grrl I’ve always told people to NOT let me win.  I play for real.  I despise cheaters and people who don’t want to work for anything.  In my eyes if you lose a game you should regroup and work harder to try to win fairly the next time.  Sounds easy enough.  I’ve fallen down and learned from all my mistakes and it has made me a self-sufficient, strong person.

College should be free – we should absolutely follow in the footsteps of other countries and make all education free of charge.  The vast majority of students haven’t landed a solid job yet and are struggling to make ends meet.  Education should be easily accessible, which would in turn allow more a chance at a degree.  I am currently on the 10 year junior college plan (which I used to think was hilarious when people talked about it and now completely understand it hah).  It’s a bit of an adventure to balance work and school which I am currently embarking on but it’s all in the journey.

They should teach better life skills in high school – I am ALL for teaching kids things that will be super duper useful in real life.  Like managing bank accounts, interviewing for a job, parallel parking, laundry (I just learned how to properly do laundry in my 20s but still make good use of my awesome fluff and fold cuz I’m lazy beyond belief), & social media.

More $$$ toward Cannabis Research – I stand with the notion CBD oil is kick ass for a lot of medical ailments and super beneficial to the human body.  I have a low tolerance to weed and am an occasional smoker but I take CBD oil almost daily for the health benefits.  I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my sensitive skin issues, allergies and anxiety.  Pharmaceutical companies will never shy away from profits so the issue is stagnant but slowly moving.

Less Hate, More Apathy- If you look at kids who have had little negative conditioning they see the world as a pure, fun place.  They don’t judge anyone no matter who they are and play with them if they connect and have a good time.  We should act like big kids and go through life this way.  Who cares what differences we all have, no one is identical.  It should be embraced and not shunned or argued about.  It really shouldn’t be an issue.  I don’t get people.


Off to have some fun and dance around my apartment.




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