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How did you get the name Nikki Next?
I credit my friend Joey with coming up with my name.  He said it sounds like a cool superhero cartoon so I decided to roll with it.  A girl with a big “N” on her chest.

Are you bisexual?
I have only had relationships with guys in my private life but welcome the idea of playing with grrls in group situations or shoots.  Grrls are beautiful and have a soft touch so it’s kind of nice.  The rough grab of a guy’s hands is the best though.  NOTHING beats great sex with a guy.

Do you fake it on camera?
No. It is very annoying to me when grrls overplay everything and do not enjoy sex.  Why would you shoot if you’re not having fun? I don’t get it.

What is your favorite thing about doing porn?
I absolutely love when guys email me and tell me they watch my videos or look at my pictures and jerk off.  It is the main reason I started doing it.  The idea of guys getting excited turns me on. Not going to lie- my panties get a little wet.

Why are you so skinny? Do you eat?
I take good care of myself and eat healthy and take dance classes.  It is important to me to stay in good shape because it improves your overall health and keeps your body and systems nice and clean.  I have always been on the petite side and small-chested so I am used to the comments.

What else do you do besides porn?
I am a mosaic glass artist and ballerina.  I enjoy drawing and creating art for fun. It is also a fantastic release for me.  I have been a ballerina and dancer for most of my life and enjoy taking classes and performing when the opportunity arises.

Are you a sex addict?
I feel like I am hitting the beginning of my sexual peak.  I was a late bloomer, I lost my virginity in college!  After I started having different sexual experiences I wanted to try more and more and now I very much enjoy exploring and taking in the pleasure of sex. Ah, so good!

What is your ultimate fantasy?
A gang bang in a dance studio wearing a tutu and pointe shoes. Naughty grrl!

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?
No.  Although I LOVE the art of tattoos and piercings on other people.  I never had the urge to get any so I just want to leave my body as a natural, blank canvas.

Would you ever get a boob job?
No.  All natural baby!  I love my small boobs.  It took a little while to fully embrace them but I LOVE them now and get a great, positive response to being an all natural grrl.