Next Time: January 8th, 2016

Happy New Year Art Lovers!!!

The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!

Quest Crew | ABDC 8 Finale Performance

I have been a long time fan of Quest Crew!  They have been mentioned in previous Next Time posts and deservedly so have seen a nice transition in the past few years.  They always entertain and wow the audience.  I also have a lot of respect for how much they put into their craft.  They care about everything they create.  This is a very fun, smooth performance from the group.  Quest Crew is comprised of… drum roll please… (all descriptions courtesy of
Steve (Shuriken Cuttah), Ryanimay (Rock n Roll Ballistic Missile), RU (Certified Ninja), Jolee (Tekken Lord), Hok (Worldwide Food Hunter), Hirano (Hip Thrust Instructor), Feng (World’s Most Serious Man), D-Trix (Weirdo on Youtube) & Aris (Freakinaris, MD).

Youtube: Quest, SteveTerada, JustFeng, Ryanimay, Freakinaris, HokutoKonishi, BHirano, theDominicShow
Website: (click here)
Store: (click here)

Instagram: @questcrew
Twitter: @thequestcrew


letliveLetLive | Fav Track: Banshee (Ghost Fame)

“To all the girls that would be perfect for me
Break my jaw so we can’t talk about me
Since my mouth is bigger than my heart could ever be
There’s no shame in screaming at deaf weddings”
-Pheromone Cvlt

LetLive is a great band, especially live.  Ugh, so good.  Their albums are definitely among the top to check out.  The band is comprised of Jason Aalon Butler (singer), Ryan Jay Johnson (bass), Jeff Sahyoun (guitar) & Loniel Robinson (drums).  Check them out on Epitaph Records.

Website: (click here)
Facebook: (click here)
Store: (click here)

Instagram: @letliveperiod, @lolwithjeffy, @mrjasonaalon, @lonielrobinson
Twitter: @thisisletlive


marlonmarineroMarlon Marinero | Rare Form

Marlon’s abstract drawings are some of my absolute favorites.  I first saw his work at a local art show here in Los Angeles and became an instant fan.  I wish him great luck in creating lots of art and feeding his passion.  Marker drawings evoke a lot of nice detail and smooth lines.  Love!!

Website: (click here)
Tumblr: (click here)
Pinterest: (click here)

Instagram: @rareform86

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