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THIS is how you dance to Trap Music! | twitchywonka

This video is an addendum to last week’s feature on Twitch’s solo.  I found it as I was perusing Youtube (hours of entertainment).  Boy what a find!  The first thing I noticed was Twitch’s shirt.  Humble thyself.  Talent mixed with humility is a fantastic combination.  Massive respect for this guy and all he has accomplished.  Go Twitch!  The video continues and spotlights three other dancers, all with fluidity for days.  It’s like a stream of heart and talent flowing through the room.  The precision is on point.  It is quite mesmerizing.  The dancers are Twitch, Glitch, Comfort and Shestreet.  Great choreography and free flow happening here.  Feel the rhythm.  The music is “Soundclash” by Flosstradamus.

Check out Twitch’s IMDB page to see what he is up to: IMDB

Instagram: @sir_twitch_alot, @comfortfedoke, @dance9cyrus, @sheopatra_jones, @flosstradamus
Twitter: @official_tWitch, @comfortfedoke, @dance9cyrus, @flosstradamus


katy-perryKaty Perry | Fav track: Teenage Dream

So I must admit something.  I have a bit of an obsession with Miss Katy Perry.  I quoted her in my bio.  Richard Avery looked at me and I said “Yep!!”  Healthy yes, but I’ve adored her style for quite some time.  I even had a poster of her in my living room of my first apartment.  Yep. I’m a dork.  I love the california girl and 50’s pin up girl vibe and, well, the music speaks for itself.  Super fun.  When I hear one of her songs I smile and dance around, usually in my underwear when I’m at home.  I drove to Vegas to see her in concert a few years ago and would do it again in a heartbeat.  I also think she has evolved in her career quite nicely and am happy for her found success.

Instagram: @katyperry
Twitter: @katyperry


unitedanxietyScott Grieger | Let Freedumb Ring

“Design on the internet reinvents itself every 45 seconds, and maybe faster.” -Grieger

Funny enough I first found Scott Grieger and his work on a bench advertisement.  I looked him up and found his work very good and very powerful.  He loves to question authority.  His unorthodox approach speaks high volumes on exposing the apparent irony in society, be it in our face or deeply covert.  He spans political and social issues.  His work can be seen at the Patricia Faure Gallery at Bergamot Station in beautiful Santa Monica.

Check out his book: Impersonations

Instagram (his featured work): @temporaryspaceLA
Twitter: @TempSpaceLA

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