iHeart the 90’s: Music

I went to go see my friend Chris Cuffaro’s Greatest Hits Exhibit in Los Angeles this past week.  He inspired me to recall my most favorite music memories.  I was a child of the nineties in the days of the walkman and the iPod. (kids these days don’t know the struggle… ) I am dating myself but still feel young at heart always.

Among my favorite pieces were candid shots of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fiona Apple, Alice in Chains and classic Nirvana (of course! RIP Kurt).  I distinctly remember being shown a copy of Kurt’s journal filled with poetry and doodles.  So many words are absorbed when I think of it.  Unforgettable, wildly creative, deep, enthralling… Musicians are the unicorns of society.  They channel their love and hate of everything toward melodies.  I remember my very first concert.  The Spice Girls here in LA with my very best friend Michelle.  We literally hung out every weekend and learned the entirety of their dance moves and songs down to the “T.”  I was beyond ecstatic to see them perform in person.  It was even better than I expected.  

I remember in the Myspace days when everyone adorned iPods.  And listened to music through playlists you had to download on the computer with no big handheld touchscreen.  The horror!  I was amazed the small little iPod clip could hold so many songs.

Growing up I adored bands including the smooth sounds of Jimmy Eat World, the quirkiness and funk of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and No Doubt bursting onto the rock scene.  One thing I loved about the show was it took me back to moments in time.  I used to stay up late and watch Fiona Apple’s timeless music videos on MTV.  Her weirdness and ultra sexiness is intoxicating.

Now I listen a lot to Spotify Radio to discover new artists.  And of course do a throwback now and then to the 90’s classics.  

I guess I did not realize, in a sense, the immense impact music had on me until I started writing this.  It is a part of every day life and I love every second of it.

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Off to put my headphones on and dance around.  Come join the dance party!!!… 


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