iHeart Masturbation

I’ve been quite horny lately I must say.  Hormone surge perhaps?  I also feel like women’s sex drive goes into full gear in the later part of their twenties.  It is definitely happening on my end!  I was a very late bloomer & finally popped my sacred cherry with my first boyfriend in college.  We met doing a project together.  He proceeded to text me how he wanted to teach me everything about oral sex- how quaint.  Ever since then I have blossomed quite well and find myself thinking about sex quite often.  I think about a man gently running his hands through my hair, gently but roughly throwing me on the bed and lustfully having his way with me.  Oh joy.  This is what I close my eyes and think about right before I lay down to rub one out…

I usually rub one out before bed like clockwork.  It makes me sleep like a very happy baby.  I close my eyes, think of my tongue gently going up and down a hard cock (and other naughty fantasies…), gently rub my nipples and go to town on the velvet kitty.  I usually use my hand, that is my favorite.  One in a while I find the need to incorporate the infamous Magic Wand, a grrl’s very best friend.  It needs to be on a low setting.  I sometimes gawk at how powerful those contraptions get, I personally like the low, nice setting.  After climaxing I gleefully roll over and steep into dreamland.

Just wanted to take the moment to share my nighttime routine with all of you.  Happy masturbating to all ^.^


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