iHeart Grrls: Crushes

Serena Blair and I spoke of some crushes of ours on the very first episode of our podcast Grrl Talk.


The female body is a beautiful thing.  I lean far to the straight side myself but definitely enjoy the company of a woman at times.  The soft touch and gentle kisses makes my heart melt.  This is a short list of some women that tickle my fancy.  Hey, I would not mind sharing a bed with any one of them for a night of pure passion! The list includes porn stars, writers, models and a fashion icon.  All are stunning to me.  Follow them on Instagram and Twitter for fun and naughty pics.

1. Stoya – My #1 crush.  Petite and pretty in all aspects.

2. Dita Von Teese – The style!  So classic.  So quaint- definitely unlike a lot of blatant stuff seen today.

3. Phoenix Askani – As Dick Avery has always said, smart and pretty grrls rule. Yes they do.

4. Page Ruth – Found this model and vixen on Instagram.  Her pictures captivate me.

5. Erin Lain – I seem to have a type…can you tell?  Brunettes with red lips.  *Sigh*

6. Raven Rockette – Her vibe speaks to me.  I’d love to have lunch at a cafe or take an art class in WeHo with her.  Good vibrations.

7. Serena Blair – Now that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and hang out a bit I like her even more.  We can watch Fantasia and make out on the sofa after.

8. Jenna Valentine – Miss this awesome woman.  She does her makeup just right. And i gotta say looks damn good in red lipstick.

Check out their respective Instagrams (click for link): @stoya, @ditavonteese, @phoenixaskani, @pageruth, @lainerin, @ravenrockette, @sexyserenab, @jennavalentine

And Twitter: @stoya, @ditavonteese, @phoenixaskani, @pageruth, @ravenrockette, @sexyserenab, @jenna_valentine

It may be time for my trusty little vibrating friend right about now…


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