iHeart Game Shows: My Top Ten

IMG_1633I love stimulation.  Cerebral that is- well… yes and the more sensual type you drrty minds.  I am a sucker for anything and everything concerning game shows.  I very much enjoy passing the little free time I have answering trivia questions, playing cards, getting lost in a board game and completing a puzzle.  I am a huge nerd for these things.  It keeps the brain happy and healthy.  My affinity toward watching game shows on television began when I was little.  I used to dance around the kitchen while helping my grandmother cook dinner and we would sit down and watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune almost every night.  It is a childhood memory that I will always cherish.  When I first moved out I got DirecTV and watched Game Show Network religiously.  Probably for a few solid hours every day.  I know… slowly frying my brain, but it sort of counts on the positive side if it is educational right?! Hope so anyway.  The original, old school shows were by far the best and stand the test of time.  I absolutely LOVE the pure nostalgia of them and seeing the styles of the 70’s and 80’s. These are some of my favorite game shows.  The list is quite expansive as I would thoroughly enjoy almost any trivia challenge or puzzle thrown at me, but these top my list.

1.  Match Game– the original and the best.  Gene Rayburn is the man.  The banter between   Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers was hilarious and they made a fantastic pairing.

2.  Family Feud – the original with Richard Dawson.  My favorite answer during fast money is “What month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?” “September!” Dawson lost it. It was fantastic.  The show has deservedly had a very successful run and is still in production.  Survey says!!…

3. The Newlywed Game – always entertaining.  Also funny when the husband gets an answer wrong and the wife hits him over the head with the card.

4. Hollywood Squares – A great trivia-based show to play along with at home.  The variety of different guests kept the show interesting.

5. Cash Cab – I love people’s reactions when they happen to stumble into the Cash Cab and it lights up.  And when they ask an unassuming stranger on the street for help with a trivia question. Fantastic concept and a great show.

6. Password – I used to watch the original version at midnight on Game Show Network.  I close my eyes and try to guess the word.

7. Wheel of Fortune – I pretended I was Vanna White when I was a little girl and presented items with the full hand gestures.  The show brings a lot of good memories with my grandmother so it will always have a place in my heart.

8.  The Price is Right – Bob Barker is the king but Drew Carey has done a great job after the torch was passed down to him.  Plinko is my favorite game.

9.  Let’s Make A Deal – My friend Nicole and I went to a taping fully dressed in costume.  I was a firefighter. Wayne Brady was super cool.  Door number 2! Always go with door no. 2! No sound reasoning, just my thought.

10. Press Your Luck – Don’t get a Whammy! The original is the best but the reboot is pretty good as well.

Cheers! Gonna go watch some game shows now…


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    I would probably put The Price is Right first because of the variety. But it’s a great list.