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What is my Next Time blog all about?

redlipsI recently had a conversation with Juliland’s own Mo Reese and he asked me what Next Time was.  I explained it is my fun weekly art blog.  Check it out!

I have been a long time, avid supporter of the arts.  Growing up as a beaming creative soul is quite fun and endlessly entertaining I must say.  I found myself dancing around to some music playing or just humming to myself.  I would learn the dance moves of Britney Spears and imitate them to the best of my ability on the living room floor much to my parents chagrin but hey, I had to release my bottled up energy somewhere.  Oh baby baby (in Britney Spears voice!)  I also spent a tremendous amount of time making arts and crafts out of construction paper and colored pencils and anything else crafty that I could get my little hands on.  My grandmother proudly took me to dance class every week and even sewed my costumes for my recitals (aw!) Ballet, jazz, Hawaiian… you name it, I took it!

Growing up immersed in art is a very positive influence on a kid’s life.  I am a huge supporter of that notion.  I currently listen to music on a daily basis and definitely every time I am in the car.  It soothes the soul.  It makes you feel alive and evokes the entire repertoire of emotions.  I now take ballet classes and drawing classes on a weekly basis for fun to feed my creative side and nourish my soul.

SO this energy all culminated into me wanting to do an art blog.  There is a new edition out every Friday for you to enjoy.  It features one dance video, one music artist and one fine artist.  I thought a variety would bode quite nice and encompass art as a whole.  I am also working on interviewing local bands, artists and dancers to get their take on the industries they work in and their view of art.  Stay tuned!  Just something fun and hopefully inspiring to all the artists out there.

Embrace yourself and do what you love!!!


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