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FullSizeRender-11We all remember our teenage years.  Oye!  What an emotional roller coaster that was.  I admit I went through my ’emo’ phase in high school.  Back when Myspace and glitter pics were all the rage.  I was a late bloomer so sexuality came later in life for me.  I stayed a virgin until after high school when I started college.  Just for personal reasons and also because I think my body matured a little later than others.  But boy have I blossomed now!  Becoming a woman is a trying time in any girl’s life.  I remember when I started my ‘lady time.’  Some lovingly refer to it as the rag, I think ‘lady time’ is more quaint and proper.  For boys I assume the roller coaster is quite a ride for different reasons.  I’ve always wondered what having a constant boner must have been like.

So what are your fondest memories of being a teenager?  Did you frequent Hot Topic?  Did you date in high school?  Did you have posters on your wall?  Did you go to prom?

I would say I blossomed after high school when I felt like I fit in more in college.  Serena explains she did independent study and had different experiences.  Wherever you grew up ya made it through and *hopefully* are doing better than ever.

RIP Myspace profiles

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