DANCE: As Outward Expression of the Inner Soul

nn_dance3I have been a creative soul for most if not all of my life.  I would say “most” because I unwillingly took some time off of doing art to handle some life responsibilities and take care of myself but I do adamantly agree it is something innate that never goes away.  Life is huge obstacle course that takes you across many twists and turns but it always seems one finds himself/herself back to where their heart truly lies.  For me it is dance and art.  It is the one aspect in my life that seems to be absent of any melancholy or pain- be it physical or emotional.  I feel free and open to celebrating the moment.

I started dancing when I was about five years old.  It was difficult to turn my own switch off as a kid so dance class was a great haven for my vibrant energy.  I took ballet, jazz, Hawaiian, and tap at 1na Dance in Diamond Bar.  I had a lot of great memories at that studio and remember all the fun that ensued when I stepped into class.  Thank you to Ms Sherie and her patience with all the kids including myself.  I continued with all the classes through middle school and the beginning of high school.  I took a hiatus when high school hit because I felt as if I needed a short break to figure out some things in life and take care of myself. I moved out of the house shortly after graduating high school at seventeen and began to work to support myself.  It was at that point I took a hiatus from dancing and art because, well, life happens sometimes.

nn_dance1I realized after a few years of being away from the creative world it was really weighing on me.  The need to explore and create is something one is born with.  I recently began taking classes again locally here in West Hollywood.  I frequent Edge Performing Arts center, Millennium Dance Complex and Align Ballet Method at Soma Studios in Hollywood.  Ballet is the style I am currently focusing on professionally to become better and stronger.  I can feel my body getting back into dancer-shape and it feels pretty fantastic if I do say so myself.  My butt is getting firmer! Yippee!  I am hoping to be back on pointe this coming summer and involved in some capacity in local performances.  I like performing as well as helping backstage so there are many avenues to be a part of when it comes to the whole dance community.  Everyone, including the fellow classmates and teachers I have recently worked with, is extremely positive and encouraging to myself and the other students in the classes.

nn_dance2I also am exploring how to incorporate dance and dance styles into my modeling and video work.  I am a real dancer so it is fun to sometimes have the chance to intertwine it into my other areas of life.

Never ever give up on something if you truly enjoy it.  It is never too late.  Just go out, have fun, and be the best.  Yippee!  And dancing around my apartment in panties with headphones on is pretty darn fun.


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