Bucket List: Sex Edition

next12Yes, what they say holds true. Sex definitely gets better as you get older and progress through this crazy thing called life. I have been lucky to have experienced new and exciting avenues of sex in the past year from shooting and attending fetish parties. Porn has been a fantastic door for me to have some new and kinky adventures. I have been blindfolded, tied up, and gagged for pleasure in my personal life and plan to on camera very soon as well.

1. Dear James Deen, stick something up my butt – Anal is not particularly my cup of tea so the list of guys I will partake in is short but do what you must James. I will gladly oblige.

2. If you liked it then you should have put a collar on it – I love wearing a collar. The idea of male dominance is so intriguing. I think every grrl wants to feel delicate deep down inside. The fragility of it leaves you feeling wanted but not entirely helpless.

3. Ballerina Gang Bang – this has been a long standing fantasy of mine for quite some time now. I have been a dancer for most of my life and, daring enough, love to explore the group aspect of sex. Combining the two likenesses together would be a real treat for me. I want to be wearing a costume tutu and red or black pointe shoes. Performing it in a dance studio with surrounding mirrors adds to the intense effect and gives me a personal POV to enjoy the male counterparts encompassing the room. Black Swan style. On my face. Yes please!

4. Foursome with another couple – I have recently been exploring sex with women more and find myself enjoying it very much. A woman’s touch is very gentle and soothing. There is no question I like the rough touch of a man the most, but the company of a woman is very sexy and satisfying in its own regard. Having the opportunity to play with a couple would be a lot of fun because they are into each other and the energy of the connection would radiate. If I am lucky they would ingratiate me in a good time with a man of my choosing. Let’s play!

5. Ash Hollywood – I must confess I have a crush on this beautiful blonde. I would LOVE to be locked in a room with her and play with a few of our favorite toys. I am naturally submissive to both men and women so I would have to succumb to her whims and be her little play thing.

6. Balcony – I must admit I have not had the opportunity just yet to do the drrty out in public on a balcony. I am quite the exhibitionist so it would put a big smile on my face. Hopefully one or two patrons see. I would probably wave and wink at them. Sex is a beautiful thing. Embrace it.

Oh boy. I hope to have the chance to experience one or more of these very soon. My panties are pretty wet right now. I think I need to go lay down with my hitachi for a bit… Be right back.


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