10 Things I Cannot Live Without

thighhighsI have seen the question of “If you were stuck on a deserted island, what would you want to have in your possession?” posed many times.  What would be your answer?  There are a number of things I absolutely could not bear to live without… these hold the top ten positions.

1. Podcasts – I am a daily listener of a handful of podcast shows.  Heidi & Frank and Adam Carolla top the list.  Get it on!  It is a great pastime for me to kick back and relax with some yummy snacks and tune into my favorite shows.

2. Puzzles – I start my morning off right with a Daily Jumble puzzle and a selected brainteaser. Jigsaw puzzles are very fun as well.  I have been incorporating this into my daily routine for quite some time now.  Trying my very best to keep my brain alert and healthy.

3. Dessert – Double stuff Oreos anyone?  I admit I have a major sweet tooth.  Anything with tons of sugar satisfies my palette.  Sugar is very very bad for you so I try to stay away but it’s so tempting.  Sigh.

4. Great sex – I’ve said it before and I will say it again with pleasure.  NOTHING beats great sex with a guy.  The masculine energy and fantastic climax from both partners makes the night write itself.  Throw in my favorite thing, giving head, with some nice cuddling afterward and it’s a perfect night.  Also, when guys sweat a little and have some scruff on their face… yes please!

5. Starbucks – I get a Soy Chai latte with some cinnamon sprinkled on top from good ole Starbucks almost every day.  It’s just that good.  I finally downloaded the app on my phone so I can reap some rewards.  Mmmm.

6. Ballet class – Dance is a major part of my life once again I am very happy to say.  It is my happy place.  No worries… just pure bliss.  And a good workout to boot.  Hello flexibility and attractive 6-pack.  Edge Studios in Hollywood and Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood are great havens for dance lovers alike.

7. TargetBest store ever.  Period.  The cashier said hello to me the other day and noted he sees me a lot.  Busted!  I am now a known frequent shopper.  Does that qualify me for any in store discounts?  A grrl can dream…

8. Movies – I frequent the theater to catch movies on the big screen.  So much fun.  I usually stop by the concession stand to grab a cherry Icee. AMC has the best and most comfortable seats out of any theater to which I have been.

9. The Beach – The waves are the most calming thing in the world.  I really enjoy going down to Malibu and relaxing the day away on the sand.

10. Massages – Releasing tension is key to good health.  I try to get a nice rub down as often as I can to incorporate holistic medicine into my life.  I always feel happier and lighter after some good bodywork.  It makes the blood flow nicely.

This sounds like a nice list of things to look forward to every day.  Off to the beach for now… gonna get some sun and drink my Starbucks latte.  Hoping for a movie and some good sex later tonight! … (to be continued)


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