Top 10 Woman Crushes: Actresses

nikkiselfGoing to the movies is a very enjoyable experience. Especially when there is a beautiful woman on screen. Sometimes I daydream of making out with a pretty grrl when I see one. Soft lips and a gentle woman’s touch…who wouldn’t love that?! These woman top my “list.” I’d gladly spend the night with any one of them. And wake up with a big grin on my face.

(In no particular order)

1. Natalie Portman – She gave a great performance in Black Swan. As a ballerina I am partial to that movie. And she wreaks of sex appeal.
2. Claire Danes – Intelligent women are sexy as fuck. Hard to deny that.
3. Jessica Alba – An exotic woman who looks killer in a bikini. Nice bod.
4. Scarlett Johansson – One word: gorgeous. Those lips are very kissable.
5. Kate Beckinsale – British accent. Hot. Natural beauty is a rare gem.
6. Keira Knightley – Easy on the eyes. Looked great in Pirates of the Carribean.
7. Eva Green – Sin City. Good lord woman. Dripping of erotica.
8. Sienna Miller – Blonde and beautiful. Very elegant.
9. Penelope Cruz – Talk drrty to me in an accent. I will melt.
10. Emma Stone – Smart and quirky. I think we could go to a play and have a nice conversation over dinner.

My panties are soaked right now. Going to have to rub one out…

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