Things I’ve Learned in My 20’s

fullsizerender-4Life is a winding road of awesome experiences and learning opportunities.  Boy is it!  I’ve learned a lot through the years and these things top the list.  My ever so useful toolbox of life is getting very handy as of lately.

School is cool – When I started junior college out of high school I changed my major 5 times in 2 years.  Pretty typical for a young 18 year old but nevertheless gets you nowhere.  I am now back in college (yay!) and graduating in a couple short years.  Soon to be a CPA so get your receipts ready— I’ll do your taxes and manage your portfolio.  Especially if you’re a cute nerdy guy. Wink wink.

Cannabis is healing – I’ve had a few minor health issues as of lately (Boo!) and have taken my fair share of Vicodin, Tylenol and Advil.  Good pain relievers for the moment of discomfort but not so great for the human body.  They wreak havoc on the natural flowing system.  I started taking CBD oil morning and night and have seen a remarkable improvement in my health.  No more chemicals for me.  Just the power of good ole weed.

Save $ for a rainy day – This has bitten me a time or two.  Target is probably my top vice but I have been so horrible at saving $ until this year, really.  Ya think the river flows with cash all the time and sometimes it does but sometimes you need to pull from your cool piggy bank.

Brush it off – Experiences collect as you age.  Good and bad arise.  When something not so great happens I’ve slowly learned to pause, brush it off and move on.  Time will heal and you’ll be fine as you always are.

Sex gets better!! – This is very exciting news for me.  I am getting more and more kinkier and sexual as I get older.  Good thing women peak later in life.  Orgasms just keep heightening in intensity and overall satisfaction.  I think inhibitions go down as well and the mind opens to experiences you’ve always wanted to try…

Eat your fruits and veggies – I go to Juice Crafters most days and start off the day with an uber nutritious elixir shot.  Lemon ginger and cayenne pepper.  Oh my! Strong but awesome.  Momma always said eat your veggies.  It will sustain your overall health.  Also Jamba juice and their Acai smoothies are sensational.  Mmmmmmmm.

Excited for more experiences.  Bring it on.


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