Things I Heart Very Much: Top Ten

nikki8There are certain things in life that put a big smile on your face.  Make you feel happy and warm and fuzzy all over!  I have an affinity toward these treasures in life that fit into my personal box of pleasure (not that box you drrty minds)… When I feel a slump coming and need a pick-me-up, doing and enjoying something I love brings my focused energy back to full capacity.  Sometimes a little nudge goes a long way.  Here are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order:

1. Dessert – I have a major sweet tooth. Bad grrl, I know! It gets me in trouble by ruining my healthy eating streak but once in a while some delectable chocolate hits the spot. A few vices include Oreos (double stuff of course!), pumpkin pie, hot chocolate with marshmallows and Honey Nut Cheerios (and other sugary cereals).

2. Dance class – It is the one place I feel worry free.  Which says a lot because I am a constant over-analyzer.  I get lost in the music and let my body feel the movement and non-verbally express itself.  Such a fantastic release.  It also keeps my body and brain active which is a big plus.  Good for body, mind and soul.  And hey, a grrl always looks damn good in some yoga pants so I don’t mind sporting those at the store before or after class.

3. Good sex – Ahhh.  Nothing better than great sex with a guy.  The release of endorphins flows through the body like the river Nile and you feel like a queen.  Come take me away!

4. Juliland shoots – Always fun to dress up and feel sexy.  Our shoots have been progressively getting better and more fun so shoutout to Mr. Richard Avery. You’re the best. Duh!

5. Massages – The powerful touch of a massage is very healing to me.  I try to get a full body massage as often as I can to relieve built-up tension and overall stress.

6. Movies – Getting lost in a movie is cathartic and fun.  I enjoy going to the movie theater and watching releases on the big screen. The bigger the better baby!

7. Games – I have long been an avid puzzle, card and board game fanatic.  My proclivity toward mosaic art and geometric design favors pattern recognition and strategy.  My cousin taught me a good deal of card games at a young age and we would sit and play for hours at a time.  The old standard Rummy 500 and Cribbage are among my favorites.

8. The Beach – Waves crashing is probably the most relaxing sound on the planet.  And the sinking of your toes in the sand is a feeling like no other.  The beach bunny in me wants to come out and play when I head to Santa Monica and spend a day at the beach.  Especially when the weather is very favorable.  I usually go for a run or rent a bike for a bit and go grab a smoothie at Perry’s Cafe. Yummy!

9. Making art – A satisfying outlet of expression is good way to release unwanted negative energy.  I have been recently learning how to make mosaic glass projects and the whole process, although VERY time-consuming, is a break from monotony so it is a plus in my book.  I also very much enjoy doodling with pens.  The randomness of it is fun and sometimes an idea for a future project arises.

10. Learning – The world is an extremely expansive place and is full of knowledge. I have taken quite a large number of college classes and seminars just to expand my palette.  It is rewarding to learn about a bunch of different subjects and expand your file cabinet of cognition. I frequent art and history museums.

…Gonna go have some fun now!


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