nn_targetTarget, or (Tar-jay) as the cool kids call it is my top vice. I fucking love that store. They have everything I need and want. I definitely feel like a little girl in a candy store with big eyes and a big smile. Every time I walk in I grab a red basket and think to myself “Oh, the possibilities…”

I wear leggings pretty much every day because they are super comfy and it is very tough for me to find jeans that properly fit. I have a small waist, bigger butt and long legs so most pants are too big around the waist or too short. Black leggings fit perfectly and go with any t-shirt. A big plus! You also cannot go wrong with basic v-necks, all of which I buy at this awesome establishment. One of every color.

Everyone that works there is super duper nice and helpful if you have a question or need help finding something. I know my way around the few local ones I go to pretty well though so I could probably draw a map and direct someone if he/she was lost. I had thought about working at Target when I was younger. It was short lived but a good idea. Maybe I could have taken advantage of an employee discount! I use my Red Card when I shop. It is really great because you get 5% off your purchase. Boom! Every little bit helps.

I frequent the one in Westwood by UCLA and the one by the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. They are City Targets so they are a little smaller in layout, but still provide everything that I need. Cute clothes, makeup, lace lingerie, pajamas. You name it! Their women’s intimates section is pretty darn good. They have a lot of sexy silk and lace panties and at an unbeatable low price. Need to save those dollars. I am going to give Xhilaration clothing a shameless plug here because they have made their stamp on Target and most of their attire is basic (in a good way) and very stylish. I am especially fond of their sundresses. So pretty!

I also usually pick up a few grocery items when I am there since they have such a vast selection. Cereal and Cliff bars are at the top of my list. It is great to buy a little bit of everything and cross things off your shopping list.

I usually end up being a bad grrl and spending way too much money every time I step foot into Target. I always walk in and tell myself I am only buying ONE thing and of course walk out with a few bags full of goodies. I think the most I have spent in one trip is close to $400. I know… terrible! I have a slight addiction to this store. Or a big one. I just cannot help myself. I can always find something I seemingly need or want without hesitation.

Most of them have a Starbucks inside so I grab my yummy Soy Chai Latte on the way out. The best!!

I may have a problem…

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