Taking the Plunge: Back 2 College

IMG_5478Yep!! I am going back to college to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Business and proceed to graduate school. (Are you picturing me in a school girl outfit yet?…) I took classes off and on after graduating high school but life took me in a couple different directions.  I wanted to explore my options.  Now feels like a good time to go back and finish what I started.  I never regret anything I have done, including taking time away from school to go through this thing called life.  I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable lessons and have had some pretty crazy, fun experiences.  I will continue shooting video and do photoshoots.  It is way too enjoyable.  I am also currently focusing on doing more artwork and improving in dance.  It is a super exciting time right now and I step back to breathe it all in.  Thoughts of study groups and sexy nerdy guys flood my memory bank.  Nerds will forever be ultra sexy to me!  I am sure some nights of being up and cramming will ensue but I am so ready.  The web of trying to get classes and filter through the student loan situation has begun.  I remember now how much of a labyrinth everything is.  Oye vey!

Here I go. Head first.

A big thank you to Richard Avery and certain people in my life that have always pushed me to be my best and go for what I want.  It’s never too late.  Woo Hoo!


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