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I used to be an avid television watcher.  I would make myself yummy snacks and be a couch potato for hours on end.  Now I cling to a show that catches my eye and binge watch it.  The on demand system of today’s TV viewing has changed the way we function.  Everything is a click [...]

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GrrlTalk! Would You Rather?

EPISODE 20 WOULD YOU RATHER: http://www.iheartnikki.com/grrl-talk_e20-would-you-rather/ Serena Blair, Dick Avery and I sit down and play Would You Rather on the latest episode of GrrlTalk.  It is a very fun game to play.  You can warm up with a couple shots or a nice glass of wine.  Or just dive right in.  Some of the more contemplative questions [...]

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GrrlTalk! Webcam

EPISODE 19 WEBCAM:   http://www.iheartnikki.com/grrl-talk_e19-webcam/ ‎ Serena does super awesome cooking and naughty shows on webcam.  The world of camming and interaction has grown exponentially in recent months.  I myself have yet to webcam but who knows?! Maybe one day... I will admit though that I very much enjoy watching girls get down and drrty.  It is [...]

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GrrlTalk! Puberty

  EPISODE 17 PUBERTY:  http://www.iheartnikki.com/grrl-talk_e17-puberty/ We all remember our teenage years.  Oye!  What an emotional roller coaster that was.  I admit I went through my 'emo' phase in high school.  Back when Myspace and glitter pics were all the rage.  I was a late bloomer so sexuality came later in life for me.  I stayed a [...]

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