GrrlTalk! Would You Rather?

EPISODE 20 WOULD YOU RATHER: Serena Blair, Dick Avery and I sit down and play Would You Rather on the latest episode of GrrlTalk.  It is a very fun game to play.  You can warm up with a couple shots or a nice glass of wine.  Or just dive right in.  Some of the more contemplative questions [...]

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GrrlTalk! Puberty

  EPISODE 17 PUBERTY: We all remember our teenage years.  Oye!  What an emotional roller coaster that was.  I admit I went through my 'emo' phase in high school.  Back when Myspace and glitter pics were all the rage.  I was a late bloomer so sexuality came later in life for me.  I stayed a [...]

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GrrlTalk! Animal Sex

EPISODE 13 ANIMAL SEX: The animal kingdom is a wild place.  Literally.  Serena Blair is the animal expert out of the both of us so she enlightened me about some fun facts regarding animals and their sex habits.  It takes me back to the infamous Bloodhound Gang song... "You and me baby ain't nothin but [...]

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GrrlTalk! Social Media

 EPISODE 11 SOCIAL MEDIA: Welcome back all you podcast lovers.  Serena Blair and I are back for another season of Grrl Talk.  Tomorrow marks our return and new episodes are out every Tuesday.  We couldn’t resist so we are bringing you more fun, guests, games & more.  Also happy to announce we are now on iTunes [...]

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