Step It Up Grrls

IMG_2412A lot of grrls sound off about how a man needs to be a true gentleman and treat his lady right.  Yes, this is very valid, but grrls need to do their part as well.  It’s a team effort.

This is a public service announcement from Nikki:

Make the effort to look good.  You don’t have to get completely dolled up every day. But I do think most couples that live together or get married and buy a house together get into a comfortable zone and stop caring to a point.  It is a lot easier and less work to walk around the house in sweats and no makeup… but laziness breeds more laziness and eventually you stop all together.  What a terrible thought!  I, like most women I hope, very much enjoy wearing cute clothes and putting on makeup.  It makes me feel pretty.  Also, surprising a guy with sexy lace lingerie will put a big smile on his face.  Sexy heels and lipstick is always a nice, classic look.  It is fun to plan out an outfit too!  It will create positive energy and come back to you in a good way. If the guy is working hard and taking care of you or your family if you have children, he deserves a nice night once in a while where you go out of your way to make him happy.  I am sure he will return the favor in his own way. (Stop it you drrty minds.)

What about waking up early to make his favorite breakfast? That is something you can both sit down and enjoy together.  Maybe it is French toast with whip cream and bananas.  Or blueberry pancakes.  Yummy!  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  Little efforts and unexpected surprises are the best.

People joke about married couples not having sex anymore or doing these little things to spice up the relationship.  What a terrible way to live!  Have fun and treat each other with kindness and thoughtfulness.  Keeping the love and lust alive will keep the connection strong.

Good sex.  No other feeling can beat it.  Some women have a stigma about their guy watching porn, which is understandable.  To each their own.  Some couples have a stigma about introducing toys or kinkier things into the bedroom.   I say have fun and try some new things. You never know… you might find pure satisfaction in it! If a guy wants to try something he saw or heard about don’t automatically dismiss all the ideas.  It can be discussed in a healthy conversation.  And if you decide it is not going to work than so be it.  But at least you gave it a college try.

Be nice and make an effort.  It goes a really long way.  And look sexy.  Because you’re beautiful.  Get it grrl.

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