Progression of Self

nikki10“You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could’ve, would’ve happened… or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the fuck on.”  -Tupac Shakur

Some say maturity comes with age.  Some argue it is only through experience and growth and has no bearing on how long one has been here on Earth.  I have concluded it is a balance of both, as balance pertains to almost everything in life.  I will admit I have made A LOT of silly mistakes.  Ones where I slap my wrist and shake my head in self-annoyance.  A moment of “Why did I do that? Seriously?!” Two choices arise- harping on whatever occurred or learning and moving on with acquired knowledge.  Never making the same mistake twice!  Old habits do die hard but I feel I have grown the most in the past year, with a big part of it being circumstantial.  I have been on my own since I was 17 so still going strong!

Figuring life out and accepting responsibility seems to happen in one’s 20’s so here I am.  Argh! Sometimes I want to be a kid again for a day and watch Nickelodeon and eat ice cream.  Those were the days! But then I remember how much fun I have now and what I have grown to learn so I can happily come back to reality.

Some things I’ve learned:

1.  Save your $$$ – having a cushion for a rainy day makes the tension of paying bills subside pretty well.  What grrl doesn’t love a shopping day at the mall?!  Hard to resist the temporary satisfaction of retail therapy at times- trust me I know! But having money in the bank is a much greater and longer-lasting feeling. Oh, and investing too.  I will tackle that soon.

2.  Going back to school is an option even after years of absence – my goal in the next six years is to finish my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.  In business and/or studio art. Even if it is for pure self-satisfaction.  It is something I need to accomplish.

3.  Sex gets better as you get older – I was a late bloomer but now feel I am reaching my sexual peak and yes! it is getting better and better.  I also progressively want to delve deeper and am way more open to trying new things. Oh the possibilities…

4. Health is #1 –  being stuck with one body for life is a harsh reality so I definitely make a conscious effort to take very good care of it.  Dance classes keep me active and toned.  I have recently been eating as many whole foods as possible.  Gotta get those fruits and veggies.

Addendum: going to the grocery store is WAY cheaper than eating out every day.  And learning how to cook is a lot of fun.  It also helps me steer away from more easily-accessible junk food.  Currently taking a local cooking class!

5.  Be nice to everyone (including yourself) and don’t forget your manners – Say please and thank you.  Those who feel appreciated will be willing to further the relationship and work harder in whatever capacity you’re working together. If a conflict arises, talking about the problem and possible solutions always ends up working.  Don’t freak out!  Also, if frustration is building or a wall of indecisiveness is present (i.e. writer’s block) give it a day or two to settle down and revisit what you were working on. Be kind to yourself. It helps!!

6.  Quality is everything  – don’t skimp on anything.  Food, clothes, furniture, etc.  Also as it pertains to posting stuff on social media and writing on any platform.  Think before the “post” button is clicked.  Having a solid platform will last a lifetime.

P.S. Richard Avery has taught me a thing or two about this thing called life.  I owe him a yummy triple chocolate milkshake!!


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