Oh, Social Media

IMG_1444I have a love hate relationship with social media.  I’m sure you do as well.  If you ask yourself the question ‘How long could you REALLY go without checking your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?’ what would your answer be?  Makes you freak out a little inside.  It is fantastic for connecting with people and meeting new faces. Two thumbs up to that.  But sometimes it can take over most of your time.

I remember in middle school (gosh I feel old) when we played Oregon Trail and a couple other computer games in class.  Yes, Oregon Trail! That brings back some memories.  It seemed like a simpler time in a way because we would interact more with each other in person and connect that way.  In the years following the internet quickly became the cornerstone to everyone’s lives and most cannot live without it.

Do you check all your social media accounts on your phone?  I do.  I use my laptop when I am at home, but I am usually out and about so always have my phone handy.  It is exciting when you get the push notifications. Or when you get a big positive response to a picture or post.  Woo hoo!

Sometimes I find myself constantly checking my phone in the car, which I know is a terribly bad habit I have picked up.  Social media has become somewhat of an addiction and I cannot seem to stay away from it. I wonder how similar your body reacts to using social media and withdrawing from it compared to other prevalent addictions.  I crave it when I am not using it.

I enjoy Instagram the most.  Feeds of great pictures. I have been using Facebook a little less and Instagram and Twitter more.  I have to commend Twitter for being open about nudity and free speech.  Right on.

It is a big plus though and it has helped A LOT of people reach out the people to build their brands and sell their merchandise.  I have met and connected with a lot of cool people from around the world. And it is definitely not going away any time soon so we’ll have to adjust and get used to it.

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