Next Time: September 25th, 2015

The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!

Sonya Tayeh | SYTYCD

I remember watching the first and second season of Fox’s appropriately named competition show So You Think You Can Dance.  I was impressed by Sonya’s attack on the dance floor through her on point choreography.  Her soul shines through quite nicely.  I would love to have tea with her and talk candidly about life.  This group routine by the top 14 is great.  I have been neglecting to watch SYTYCD the past few seasons but am getting back on the horse.  (I know, terrible!) Life happens.  It flows like a glistening river.  I can feel the emotion through the screen.  I like the simple outfits and great execution.  You are beautiful Sonya!

Instagram: @sonyatayeh, @danceonfox
Twitter: @SonyaTayeh, @DANCEonFOX


Eyes_Set_To_Kill_Masks_album_coverEyes Set To Kill | Fav Track: True Colors (demo version)

Writing these blogs is great mainly because I get to sit down and blast some great albums.  “Masks” is one of those albums.  I dig this band a lot.  They make you love the purity and power of music.  Talk about a throwback, it takes me back to when I was younger and went to hardcore shows wearing nothing but black nail polish.  I love the whole Masks album.  So fucking good. The band is Alexia Rodriguez (vocals,guitar,keyboard), Anissa Reyes (bass) and Caleb Clifton (drums).  They are set to tour this October/November.

Check out their merchandise store: (click here)
Check out their Facebook: (click here)

Instagram: @eyessettokillofficial, @alexiaestk, @anissaestk, @calebestk
Twitter: @EyesSetToKill, @AlexiaESTK, @AnissaESTK, @CalebESTK


tumblr_nat0pb7h9T1rl58fpo1_1280Hannah Pixie Sykez | Black Stabbath

I mentioned Hannah on a previous Next Time.  She is an awesome human being.  Her black and white art is memorizing.  I personally do not adorn any tattoos BUT she would top my list of artists if I ever were to bite the bullet and get one.  I’d travel to the UK.  She owns Black Stabbath Tattoo out of Sheffield UK.  I have a couple of her mandala designs hanging in my living room with pride.  I was lucky to grab them in a limited edition run.  I adore her style overall.

Check out her portfolio: (click here)

Instagram: @hannahpixiesykez

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