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The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!

“Delicate Balance” | Ballet X

Ballet X is a contemporary ballet company hailing from Philadelphia, PA.  They caught my eye a few years ago and I have been an avid fan ever since.  The choreography and execution of their pieces is beautiful.  It is extremely captivating.  Adding the contemporary twist to a structured form of dance is refreshing.  Going to Philadelphia to see one of their performances would top my bucket list.  Looking forward to it!  This piece in particular caught my eye with the flowing movement and breathtaking soundtrack.  These two elements work in sync so well together here.  Two big thumbs up.  I have an affinity toward ballet as I currently embark on classes in Hollywood at least three times per week (I try my best!)  Gorgeous!

Check out the Ballet X site and donate to support dance if you can pretty please: (click here)
Check out their Facebook: (click here)
Check out their Youtube: (click here)

Instagram: @balletx_philadelphia
Twitter: @BalletX


orianthiOrianthi | Fav Track: Heaven In This Hell

I recently heard Orianthi perform on the Heidi and Frank show (95.5 KLOS).  I had heard her before and was reacquainted with how much her music made me smile.  She sure can shred on a guitar.  Massive amount of pure talent.  She was discovered by Mister Carlos Santana and has enjoyed a well deserved path of success since then.  That is another show that would be killer to see- Orianthi and her guitar.  I seriously cannot get enough, I’ve been blasting the likes of her melodies for the past couple hours as I chill at home today.  Go grrl!

Check out her site for her full Bio and upcoming shows: (click here)
Check out her Facebook: (click here)
Check out her Youtube: (click here)

Instagram: @theqof
Twitter: @orianthi


IMG_7550Impermanent Art | Street Art

I found this Instagram a few months ago.  I greatly look forward to their posts.  They showcase amazing street art and murals namely in Los Angeles, New York and Austin.  Being a resident of West Hollywood, I am surrounded by a creative community of artists and creators and love every second of it.  It is wildly inspiring in furthering my own art (a constant work in progress. Stay tuned!)  This is a nice collection of great pieces of street art.  I have grown an affinity toward street and building art recently living in LA.  It bears a lot of soul and purpose.  I think that is a main reason why I like it so much.  Submit artwork to  Rejoice!

Check out their Tumblr: (click here)

Instagram: @impermanent_art

Pictured below:

  1. @buffmonster (IG) at @rag_bone / @greenvillain / NYC
  2. “Virgin and Child” by @dasicfernandez / @urbanfishnyc @jmzwalls / Bushwick
  3. #AnnPeebles portrait by @damien_mitchell #100gatesproject / NYC

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