Next Time: March 25th, 2016

Wrecking Crew Orchestra | Tron

Wow. Very cool dance crew.  True artists.  They are based in Osaka.  I found them on Youtube originally and was mesmerized by their performances.  Different and fun.  The use of lights and choreography is nothing short of awe-inspiring.  Cannot stop watching I must admit.
Members: Yokoi, Dominique, Hanai, Take, Shoheil, Bon, Sawada and U.U.


Twitter: @wco_jp

0020286152828IRATION | Fav Track: Timebomb

I’ve been a fan and frequent listener of this Indie Reggae Rock band for quite some time.  A friend turned me onto them and their albums are always fantastic.  Cool vibes always.  It’s nice to smoke up a nice blunt and lay back to some nice tunes.  Want to see them play live very soon!
Members: Joe Dickens (drums), Adam Taylor (bass), Cayson Peterson (keyboards), Micah Pueschel (guitar/lead vocals), Micah Brown (guitar/vocals) and King (dub controls)


IG: @joeiration, @adamiration, @caysoniration, @micahiration, @micahbrownmusic, @iration
Twitter: @iration

f26562aceedc06ee8ce691c583db51bcIn n Out Rounds | Instagram

I ain’t addicted, I’m committed.” -Wiz Khalifa

Found this cool guy on Instagram.  The dedication is much respected!  In n Out is the best.  Always hits the spot.  Yummy.

Snap: bigalrounds1

IG: @innoutrounds
Twitter: @innoutrounds

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