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The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!

Allison & Ivan – SYTYCD Season 2 “Why” |

This video takes me back!  I have enjoyed watching many fantastic routines on So You Think You Can Dance and this has always been one of my all-time favorites.  Allison moves with great precision and soul.  Her love of dance comes dripping out of her pores and onto the dance floor.  Ivan transformed a lot that season. I give him major props for learning and growing as a person by being exposed to dance styles he had never tried before.  Their chemistry was undeniable on screen!  Tyce Diorio shows a lot of passion in his choreography and evokes intense emotion.  The way Ivan grabs her head and flips her over is pure magic.  I cried the first couple times I watched this routine…not going to lie.  Dance and art itself makes me emotional and makes my heart scream with joy.  It is a beautiful thing.

Instagram: @allisonholker, @ivankoumaev, @tyce82
Twitter: @allisonholker, @ivankoumaev, @tycediorio


Dyro | 

I discovered this artist when I came across a couple of his songs on Spotify Radio.  Gotta love Spotify!  Sometimes you hear a song and you think ‘Yep, I like this’ and look up all the albums.  This was the case with Dyro.  I dig the vibe.  I have gone through a few musical phases in my life and listen to a wide variety of artists.  The DJ world has been drastically increasing in popularity as of recently and is chalk full of very talented newcomers.  Dyro got the nod from Hardwell, who is a powerhouse, and his career has since taken off.  His tracks are just so smooth and melodic.  It is when you crank it up and dance around your apartment in your black lace panties.  Have I said too much?  I do that quite a bit!

Instagram: @dyro
Twitter: @dyro


Hannah Pixie Snowdon | 

Hannah is the owner of Black Stabbath Tattoo in Sheffield, England. She is also known by her relationship with Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes, who will soon be her husband.  Congrats to them!  I have been a big fan of her drawings and tattoos for quite a few years.  I currently have a couple prints hanging in my living room.  She did a series of mandalas which I took quite a liking to since geometric design is my personal forte.  And black and white art is breathtaking.  I do not have any tattoos myself but very much enjoy seeing them on other people because the artistry makes me speechless at times.  Go Hannah!

Instagram: @hannahpixiesykes

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