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The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!

Now Add A Dancer 4! | theDOMINICshow

This is an addendum to my post last week on Quest Crew.  Dominic from Quest Crew has a very entertaining youtube channel.  I suggest you guys take a sec to check it out.  This video in particular caught my attention.  Just add a dancer to anything and… BAM! Instantly better.  So true.  Life should be passionate.  Dancers exude so much from their souls that you feel it in your bones as a viewer.  This is why I love dance so much.  It is so pure.  I would also like to point out I have very much enjoyed watching Dominic transform as an entertainer from Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew (where Quest Crew nabbed the championship on Season 3), proceeding to being a judge on the very same show, and now successful on his youtube channel and with Quest Crew and their continuous body of work.  Congrats dude.  It’s been a fun ride and more to come in the future.
P.S. Stay quirky!

Instagram: @dtrixpix
Twitter: @d_TRIX

IMG_5732Haster | Within These Walls

Haster is comprised of Jarret Stockman (vocals), David Heida (lead guitar, acoustic guitar), Patrick Nolan (rhythm guitar, vocals), Brian Tew (drums), and Mondo Salazar (bass).  I met the band Haster a few years ago.  I was working on starting a non-profit for the arts, which I took a break from because, well, life happens, BUT I have since revamped it and it is in production again.  Stay tuned!  I will say with certainty they are a super humble, very talented group of guys.  Lots of respect for them.  They hail from Orange County, CA.  I grew up in Fullerton so the OC will always be special to me.  I have seen them rock out at local shows here in LA and am proud of their many tours and shows from state to state.  Take a listen to their album Let It Go on iTunes.  Good from start to finish.  Rock on.
Check out their band page: Reverbnation
Check out their FB: Hasterband
Check out their album on iTunes: Let it go

Instagram: @hasterband, @davidheida, @thetewns, @mondoiscool, @haster_jface
Twitter: @Hasterband, @DavidHeida


Max Fechner |

Max is a kick ass digital artist I discovered on Instagram.  His body of work is very specific and stylized.  It wreaks sex appeal and sophistication.  He is also the owner of a women’s contemporary clothing line (Kymerah).  I hope to one day be the subject of one of his works of art.  Hey, a grrl can dream right?!  The work really speaks for itself.  A style collage of beauty and edgy glamour.  LOVE it to pieces.

Instagram: @maxfechner
Twitter: @maxeazy

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