Next Time April 29th, 2016

The arts have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Creativity drives passion.  This is a weekly look into the world of artists in music, art and dance and what they create.  Feed your imagination!


Jade Chynoweth | Best Of Compilation

Jade is a fierce dancer and all around performer.  Love watching her attack the choreography.  I could seriously sit and watch for hours.  Love it.  This is a great compilation of her work on the dance floor.

IG: @jadebug98
Twitter: @jadechynoweth

tumblr_static_by99as49zy0w0kk88o4ckg8gwGrimes | Fav Track: Kill V Maim

“Blue winds are dispelled so quickly, wiping out the foams on the margin of the world
Escaping from your half-opened eyes
Picking up the phone, silence comes
The desire just awoken breathes and screams in the receiver
As I listen I lick away every drop of your sweat…
If you can’t scream then swallow it down”

Ugh, I am in love with this woman.  So whimsical and free and fun.  I want to be just like her when I grow up.  Her music is transcending and her overall spirit is wildly inspirational to artists alike.


IG: @actuallygrimes
Twitter: @grimezsz

brooklyn-street-art-mr-toll-jaime-rojo-11-08-15-webMr Toll | Street Art

I saw a piece from this fantastic street artist while strolling down Larchmont Village here in Los Angeles.  The Village is a collection of cafes and shops.  The beautiful skull on the sidewalk caught my eye.  So cool.


IG: @mrtoll

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