iHeart Versus

What is Versus you ask?  Well, it’s a new podcast show hosted by yours truly.  

Dick Avery & I were enjoying some milkshakes and thought a new podcast would be super fun.  I asked my friend Mo Reese to join me in some back and forth banter for my new show.  You know him as the Average Mo & host of the More With Mo podcast, a show which I have been happy to have been a guest on ten times now.  We thought a versus style debate was in the works and we got to recording.  Of course we needed a judge so I couldn’t think of anyone better than Dick.  I even bought him a ref uniform.  (wink wink)  

Set your calendars for Tuesdays cus that’s when new episodes of Versus air.  You can find the episodes on this very site.  Mo Reese and I go back and forth to argue our topics from porn to well… overall silliness.  Our esteemed ref chooses a winner each round.  Are you a boob or butt person?  Twitter or Instagram?  Bush or shaved?  Tune in to find out which side each of us is on.  Ding ding.  Let the games begin.  

The first episode is up today.  Listen now!

Till next time.  Mo and I are off to Target for shopping & shenanigans… 


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