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IMG_3888I used to be an avid television watcher.  I would make myself yummy snacks and be a couch potato for hours on end.  Now I cling to a show that catches my eye and binge watch it.  The on demand system of today’s TV viewing has changed the way we function.  Everything is a click away.  Also got a new flatscreen.  Woo!  Nice and big… just the way I like it.  Here are some shows I have grown to love as of recently.  All so good!!

Bates Motel – I started watching when it first came out and recently caught up on the last season.  The story of Norman Bates is so twisted and demented.  Vera Farmiga is one of my favorite actresses and she plays his mother quite well.  Also I am partial to Portland, Oregon.  It seems like a cool, quaint place to live.

The Knick – Clive Owen is so god damn sexy.  Especially as a damaged surgeon.  This is really great take on early 1900’s New York and the evolution of medicine as we know it today.  So wild they used cocaine as anesthetic and knew nothing of the real effects of most substances.  I love period pieces.  It makes you feel like you’ve jumped into a time machine and transformed into another dimension and era.

Brooklyn Nine Nine – My favorite guilty pleasure show.  Although I am proud to say I love it.  Puns and antics are what I fancy.  Andy Samberg always brings it and is very sexy nerd- not ashamed to say it.  The gang all play off each other well.  It would be fun to work in that precinct.

House of Cards – Wow.  Such a provocative, intense Netflix original.  The story takes so many twists and turns you can’t put the remote down.  You have to finish the season to see what happens.  Politics is a bitch.  Greed consumes too many.

New Girl – I like Zooey Deschanel and the nerdy quirkiness of this show.  It’s always funny.

Let me know what you guys are watching.  What’s in your queue?


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