iHeart TV Vol III

fullsizerender-7I have been an avid watcher of tv once again.  Such good brain food =p

There are some shows that I began watching and am totally hooked on as well as some on my “must watch” list.  Here they are!

Better Things (FX)- Started watching out of curiosity and love the show.  I feel like I would be just like the main character if I was a mother.  Her LA life is pretty insane but her quirky disposition helps her through the craziness and adventures.

The Strain (FX)- I think everyone living in LA remembers the dawn of the Strain billboard with the creepy eye.  Ive never had the sudden urge to see the show till now but I am once again curious.  Starting the pilot tonight.

Quarry (Cinemax)- Looks wildly interesting.  Definitely need to check it out.  Sidetone- I got rid of my cable and cannot get Max Go.  How do I watch this show? =(

Mr Robot (USA)- Stopped in the middle of season 2 but jumping back into it.  The narratives are so enticing and captivating.

Stranger Things (Netflix)- I haven’t seen this show yet but it is next on my to do list.  Looks like the nostalgia of being a 90’s kid bodes well for viewers of these episodes.

Off to snuggle and watch TV on my big comfy couch.  Care to join?…


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