iHeart TV: Vol II

I have found myself watching a bit more television than usual as of lately.  I used to spend countless hours rotting my brain on the sofa, looks like old habits die hard.  I had a bout of tonsillitis (yikes!) for a month and found myself eating yummy ice cream and glued to the screen.  Not a bad staycation I must say.  I got rid of my cable but have Apple TV and stream pretty much everything.  There are a few shows that tickle my fancy and these top the list:


Mr Robot– Great, provocative show.  I like the narration in particular.  The hacker world is so wild.  And we are completely consumed by corporate culture and greed.  PS The main character’s intelligence adds to his attractiveness ten fold.  Nerds are so uber sexy.

The Tudors– I previously enjoyed this show during its original reign a few years back.  Showtime has fantastic programming.  Henry VIII was such a ladies man.  My goodness.  Period pieces take me away and I love getting lost in the era.

UnReal– Money. Dick. Power. Lifetime’s show Unreal is so highly addictive and great.  I saw a couple billboards for it and decided to take the plunge and check it out.  Two thumbs up.  A show about a show that never ceases to take twists and turns.

ABC Game Shows– When I heard ABC was bringing back Match Game and 100,000 Pyramid I was so elated.  I am a HUGE game show lover.  I could seriously watch GSN all day long and be satisfied.  Match game tops the list and the reboot is very fun.  Alec Baldwin is a great host and the banter between the revolving panel is wildly entertaining.

Kingdom– this is a show on DirecTV’s Audience Network.  I have been scouring and trying to watch the new season on iTunes or somewhere online but have had no luck.  The first 2 seasons were so good and so real.  Anticipating the next season.

Cheers.  Off to grab some snacks and watch more kick ass programming…


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