iHeart Travel: Top 10 Cities

ihearttravelGetting all packed and ready to go to a new destination is quite invigorating.  I have yet to broaden my horizons and travel outside of the US, but plan to very soon!  The farthest I have been from my homeless in Los Angeles is… Seattle, WA.  I have a inkling that I will catch the travel bug once I set foot on an international flight.  More please!  The list is plentiful of cities I would LOVE to go to, here are the ones that made the top 10:

Barcelona, Spain – Number 1 by a landslide.  I am in absolute awe of the work of Antoni Gaudi.  Park Guell and his buildings would be breathtaking to see in person.  My affinity is toward mosaics as I delve into tile art myself so seeing these works would make me gleam with inner joy.

New York City, New York – The big apple.  Time Square.  I love crowded, noisy city life.  I also want to see the Radio City Rockettes perform to get me in the holiday spirit.

Sydney, Australia – A surfer with an Australian accent is damn sexy.  *Sigh* The architecture of the Opera House is pretty nice too, don’t get me wrong.

London, England – Venturing to the UK sounds quite fun.  The Big Ben and Buckingham Palace await.

Honolulu, Hawaii – I want to swim with dolphins.  Also, luaus are very fun.  I took hula dancing for a number of years and had the pleasure of attending a few.

San Jose, Costa Rica – Seems very peaceful.  The waves and vast landscape would calm my soul.

Tokyo, Japan – The culture of Japan is beautiful. I want to absorb the bright lights, fashion and glorious atmosphere of it all.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Weed anyone?

Rome, Italy – Two words: Byzantine mosaics. Also, the Vatican.  I am not religious but the grand presence of the building and all of its treasured art is nothing short of magnificent.

Cairo, Egypt – The civilization that lived among the pyramids is extremely fascinateing to me.  The complex system of hieroglyphics and tragic stories of Cleopatra are subjects I have read much about.

I finally got my Passport (yay!) so I’m all ready to go.  Gonna go pack my bags.  Hope TSA doesn’t find my trusty vibrator tucked away in my suitcase…


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  • glisten, limited

    Good choices.

    Forget San Jose. It isn’t near big water. Go to Malpais or Quepos.

    • Nikki Next

      Thanks! True, I love the beach.