iHeart Third Street Promenade

I frequent the Promenade in Santa Monica.  It is a fun, relaxing experience for me to go grab some breakfast or lunch and take a stroll up and down the outside shopping mall.  You cannot beat the weather in Southern California so sunny, nice days are plentiful.  And with the abundance of crazy characters and lines of shops, Third Street is the place to be.  I am trying to be a good grrl and save my money, and I am, sometimes though the shopping bug hits me and I need to fulfill my urges to make a few small purchases.  What grrl doesn’t love shiny new things?! There are a number of stores lining the left and right side of third street, as well as a 3-story mall at the end.  This is where Nordstrom and the food court lay.

My first stop every time I go is…drum roll…Starbucks!  The line is always super duper long but goes very efficiently.  I am in and out in 10 minutes.  Soy Chai of course!  I then proceed to begin my walk in the refreshing air of Santa Monica.  The beach and the pier are a short couple blocks away if that is something on your list as well.  Strolling down the promenade with my Starbucks drink in hand, I admire the many street performers.  There are a handful that are regulars and you sort of get to know them.  Some of my favorites include the gladiator man painted in silver, the dance troops, and the tea leaf reading lady.  The variety is endless as new ones come and go so the entertainment factor is always present.  Never a dull day!

A couple of my favorite stores to frequent are Barnes and Noble, Puzzle Zoo and H & M.  The Barnes and Noble is located at the end of the promenade so it is a nice place to swing by and enjoy a book or some magazines for a bit.  They do have a Starbucks inside but you must purchase the book to bring it in to read. Argh!  H & M is a store I frequent as well for an outfit to go with any occasion.  They always have what I need.

The third level of the mall on the end, Santa Monica Place, has a food court abundant with yummy places to eat.  And A LOT of tables to sit at with a laptop and work for a bit.  A big plus in my book!

So I very much enjoy living near Santa Monica and having the opportunity to go to Third Street Promenade when the urge comes along.  Yippee!


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