iHeart The Holidays: 12 Days of Xmas

xmasHappy Holidays to everyone!!  And a BIG thank you to all the fans out there for your support.  If I made it into your spank bank this year I did my job.  I have had nothing but good vibes and great times since I joined the Juliland Universe this year.  Us grrls are having a fun & naked (wink wink) holiday party and I’m bringing Richard Avery lots of yummy donuts and homemade cupcakes.  Hope he likes them!

I heart presents.  Head on over to my Amazon Wishlist (click here) to get me something fun & sexy for the holidays!  I LOVE leggings size XS, lace lingerie, Prismacolor pencils & AMC or Starbucks giftcards.  I will gleam with joy. *Blush*

We all know the 12 days of Christmas.  This is MY version.  Cue music!

On the 12th day of Xmas Juliland gave to me…

12 Months a shooting of nakedness and debauchery dawned in 2015.

11 Good Vibes a going.  My lucky # is 11.

10 Episodes a listening of GrrlTalk Serena Blair and I had a blast recording.  Stay tuned for more!

9 Leotards dancing for ballet class.  One in each color.  Time to stretch!

8 Markers drawing.  I feel some inspiration coming on.

7 Leggings stretching.  My favorite.  One for every day of the week.  They make my butt look pretty fantastic I must say.

6 Grrls kissing.  Joining me here in the Juliland Universe are: Ash Hollywood, Audrey Bitoni, Jada Stevens, Samantha Bentley, Serena Blair & Sovereign Syre

5 Shows to check out on julilandradio.com : Ashaholics, GrrlTalk, More with Mo, Observations and Shut Up Bentley

4 Companies I enjoyed working with this year: Team Skeet, ATK Girlfriends, Throated and 1000 Facials

3 Videos U can check out here on my site.  What grrl doesn’t enjoy rubbing one out?

2 Orgasms I have daily.  Every morning and night baby!

… and 1 Place to see all the fun!  Right here on iheartnikki.com


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