iHeart Summer

IMG_4621Summertime is upon us and I am super elated!  Time for some serious fun in the sun.  There are LOTS of fantastic reasons I am a fan of summer but these top the list:

THE BEACH – Hello sand and surf.  There are a handful of beaches I like here in SoCal including Santa Monica, Malibu, Huntington & Laguna.  I also venture up to Santa Barbara at least once a year.  Planning on spending some time at the Boardwalk as well.  Art breathes life everywhere in Venice.

BIKINI BOD – I do my best to stay healthy and fit all year round but it is definitely bikini season.  Brazilian bikinis are my fav, the sexy one pieces that accentuate hourglass curves.  Not to mention the sexy shirtless lads I can smile at.

SMOOTHIES – Jamba juice has long been a staple of my daily routine most days.  Love the Acai Super Antioxidant.  Gotta get those vitamins.

VACATION TIME – taking a month off my college classes to refresh and refocus.  More time to dance around in my lace panties at home.

MOVIES – summer is always good at the box office.  What movies are you looking forward to?  Bourne and Suicide Squad top the list for me.

WEATHER – Can’t beat Santa Monica & Malibu weather.  Always 75 and beautiful with a nice breeze.

POOLSIDE – dipping into the pool is very refreshing.  Yet another reason to prance around in a bikini.

Get the sunscreen out and enjoy the sunny day.  I know I will.


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