iHeart Shopping: Dressing Room Fun

I love going to different stores and just trying stuff on.  It’s fun.  Every grrl loves playing dress up whether she will admit it or not.  There are a few favorites that stand out.  I LOVE Target. That’s my staple.  American Apparel was super fun.  Super sad they’re closing now.  Hopefully you got to take advantage of their rare clearance sales.  The one on Melrose is still open at the moment so I have a chance to grab a couple more things.  I will also admit I love to go to Goodwill to shop even though I don’t really try anything on there.  Sometimes you find a hidd3n treasure!  Anthropologie is one of my new faves.  I bought some custom furniture from them (Dark Purple Velvet btw. Ugh!) and have taken a liking to their casual and classy clothes.  Mudra, a boutique shop at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica is another store I love.  Beautiful dresses and dressy tops.

Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to post some fun pics of dressing rooms.  So enjoy!!… 



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