iHeart Sex: A Few Drrty Thoughts

FullSizeRender-5I am laying in bed at the moment thinking about sex.  Surprise, surprise.  A grrl gets horny sometimes, what can I say.  My sexuality has seen a peak in the past year and has evolved quite a bit.  I was a late bloomer but caught up fairly quickly.  Proud to be a virgin till college (gasp, I know).  I used to sneak into the grrl’s room in high school and watch blowjob videos.  I would proceed to gently touch myself.  Fellatio is probably still my favorite kind of porn.  I like being a giver.  It brings me immense joy to make a guy smile.  When I pleasure myself at night before bed, I think about this very act… not really with a guy in particular, although sometimes I do, but it turns me on to no end.

A memory ingrained in me is my first boyfriend in college texting me to say “I need to teach you oral sex.  It will be fun.”  My face grew beet red as I read it in class.  He knew I was a virgin and was very eager to show his skills and pull me into the fantastic world of sex.  After that my urges started escalating.  We snuck out to hotel rooms and had our fun.  Good times.

Kinks have recently become part of my repertoire.  I really like blindfolds.  It intensifies the other senses and brings the erotic nature to a hyperbolic state.  I like touch, intimacy and connection.  The feelling of being with someone else is like no other.  Also, trying out new adventures is always a great time had by all.  I have been to a couple swing parties.  Wild times.  I am usually a voyeur at these events but occasionally join in if the urge arises.  One particular party had a pitch black room.  Very different.

Sex should always be fun.  It is very personal and pleasurable.  We’re all cavemen and cavewomen on a basic level.  We crave what we want.

People boast about their “List.” (famous people they would sleep with).  Here is my top 3:

  1. Tom Hardy – perfect specimen of a man.  Goodness gracious.  I would let him do whatever he wanted to me.
  2. Mike Fuentes – musicians. Sigh.  Drummer for Pierce the Veil.  Talented and uber sexy.  Also seems like a total sweetheart.
  3. Porter Robinson – DJ.  He seems quirky and quite the homebody.  Total turn ons.

Just a few fun thoughts about this thing we call sex.  Gonna masturbate now and call it a night.  Muah!


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