iHeart Seattle

I had a very fun time traveling to Seattle for a few days.  I went up north with a good friend of mine and it was a great time to be had indeed.  We flew out of John Wayne Airport in Orange County and it was my very first time flying first class.  Nothing but the best baby!  Who knew they gave you a warm towel and a hot meal?! Quite enjoyable I must say.

August seems to fair as a good month to travel to Washington.  The weather in our stay was absolutely breathtaking.  The one thing that was vastly apparent was the clean air.  The smog level in Los Angeles is, well, pretty darn high.  When you venture out to a place with lots of trees and clean oxygen you can tell the difference.  My lungs were singing praises. It was sunny for the four days I was there, which I know is rare for the state of Washington so it was nice.  Sunny, clear skies.  I also noticed everyone there has a small town state of mind and is very welcoming and respectful.  LA is a concrete jungle so humble communities make me smile.

We definitely made a note to spend adequate time at Pike Place Market.  It was at the top of my list.  We saw the very first Starbucks.  The line had to have been a hundred people long- no hyperbole- so we decided against waiting for a coffee but it was definitely very cool to see where the chain started.  I think it would be cool to work at that Starbucks.  We also passed the place where they throw the fish out to the customers.  The whole thing was quite the spectacle.  The nice weather boded well for us as we spent the large part of the day walking around and taking the sites in.

The ferry ride was another fun adventure.  I have been to Seattle once before when I was little so it has been a very long time coming.  It was nice to take the ferry ride and see the beautiful skyline of Seattle in the distance.

The second we touched down at Seatac my friend was dead set on hitting the recreational place first.  We needed some good weed and boy they delivered.  We grabbed a bag of their best as well as a couple bags of great edibles- dark chocolate bars and chocolate chip cookies.  The guy at the door glanced at our CA driver’s licenses and said “Ah California folks.  Welcome to Washington!”  That night and the following night were very enjoyable as we ate our bag of goodies and watched hours of television.

I also found a cool shop in the Seatac airport.  Sub pop records.  I browsed their collection of albums and memorabilia.  Oh, they also had a couple kick ass stained glass windows.  They are gigantic and vastly vibrant.  Things of this beautiful nature inspire me to do more of my own art.

Great times, great people.


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