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IMG_7732Besides the awesome shows on Juliland Radio (plug, plug!), I spend most of my waking hours enjoying numerous podcasts and shows.  It is entertaining and very relaxing to sit back and listen to people banter with each other and catch up on the news and happenings around me.  Some I have been a long time fan of, spanning five or so years, some I have very recently gotten interested in.  Anywho… good times!

1.  The Heidi & Frank Show – This has for a long time been my #1 favorite radio show/podcast and still is.  I have been listening for about six years running.  I stumbled on the show back in the 97.1 Free FM days when they did the afternoon show.  Was hooked from day 1.  They have been through quite a few changes, starting with Frosty and now with the addition of Erik, Sammi, and Lisa May on the morning show for KLOS.  Great show.  Their nature is quirky which speaks to me because I am the same.  My favorite segment is Who’s Going To Hell on Thursdays.  It’s horrible but sometimes you need to take a light nature to things in life, it makes it that much easier to deal with.  Love you guys!

2.  Adam Carolla – I have been an avid fan of the Ace Man for as long as I can remember.  Loveline, The Man Show, and The Adam Carolla Show are gold.  I have also engrossed myself in his books.  I am currently reading In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.  Get it on!

3.  The Adam & Dr Drew Show – I stumbled upon this show recently and it takes me back to the days of Loveline.  They work so well together and argue like a married couple.  Exploring the topics of sex and addiction peak my interest.

4.  Classic Loveline – Psycho Mike is a great current host of Loveline, but, NO ONE can compare to the classic shows with Adam and Drew.  Genius I tell ya.  Adam’s light hearted and sarcastic nature made the show 100X better and endlessly entertaining.  One of my favorites is when a smoke detector would go off in the background and the callers would have no idea because they tuned it out.

5.  Joe Rogan Experience – I have always been amazed at Joe’s knowledge of such a wide array of topics.  UFC, weed, psychedelics, meditation, etc.  It always proves to be a fascinating show.  I have also tried a couple of the Onnit supplement products thanks to Joe.  Puts you at your peak performance physically and mentally.  Yes!

6.  Harland Highway – I find Harland immensely funny and wildly entertaining.  He is so eclectic and quirky.  His show is very random and takes twists and turns but does not disappoint.  It is pure enjoyment from beginning to end every time.

Putting my headphones on now (in my panties of course…)


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