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I recently took it upon myself to take a fun road trip up to the Bay Area.  I have been to San Francisco once before for a short trip but haven’t had the chance to delve into a full vacation in a while. I packed my bags and was on my way.  Here are the highlights of my trip:

Santa Cruz Boardwalk!  Wow what a fun place to be.  The sandy beach and the busy arcade was quite the day.  This was my very first time in Santa Cruz.  I walked around downtown for a little bit and spent a bunch of tokens at the arcade and relaxed at the beach.  Fun in the sun for sure.

16th Avenue Tiled Steps!  This is the main reason I did this road trip.  I was in search for art inspiration to do more mosaic art and found it here.  It is a beautiful staircase made by the community with vibrant tile design.  Beyond cool to see in person for any mosaic artist and the like.

Grand View Park!  Quite the walk up the many steps (Phew!) but the view at the top is breathtaking.  You can span the whole city of SF and take in its grandness.

Stanley Kubrick Exhibit!  I went to SFMOMA and saw a banner for an exhibit across the street.  So of course I had to check it out.  I know it did a brief stint in LA but I had missed it so was super stoked to see it in SF.  The storyboards, handwritten notes and props are a true testament to the genius that was Stanley Kubrick.

The trip was a great success.  I feel inspired and very refreshed.  Sometimes you need to take some “me” time and reflect on everything.

Looking forward to my next trip!!


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