iHeart Nerds

I was doing a crossword puzzle at Starbucks this very morning and giggled at the clue “very uncool”… answer “nerd.”  How dare they =p 

I would like to publicly exclaim my deep lust for the nerds out there.  Intelligence and apparent shyness is uber sexy and I LOVE it.  I sit in my statistics class daydreaming about the fun I would have with the awkwardly handsome computer science major sitting in front of me.  We could have our very first date at the planetarium, discuss modern astrophysics and get frozen yogurt afterward.  The perfect night!  I think what attracts me the most to the intellectual men is the humbleness and capacity for scholarly conversation.  Confidence is sexy, yes I must confess, but there is something about shyly going through life with a quiet confidence and charm that gets me every time.  I was a VERY shy person myself and still am.  I connect better with someone who shares my introspective nature.  We can play a rousing game of idk what do you wanna do?… 

I think back to previous college courses and the times I got the sense a nerdy guy wanted to start a conversation with me but held back.  I must tell the men out there just say hello.  It could turn out great!  Grrls love geeks.  I know this from personal experience.  Or maybe it’s just me?!

On a sidenote I started watching Man Seeking Woman on FX and think it is a cute, funny portrayal of the nerdy, cute twenty something looking for love.  Big fan of the show.  

I have this fantasy of inviting a math tutor over to my place, crunching some numbers and moving things along to the bed.  His hesitation would excite me even more and I could tease him with soft kisses and rubs.  Maybe a whisper in the ear while he is explaining a complex problem.  Hopefully I can make it a reality!!  

So if you read comics, keep up to date with the latest scholarly publications, are deep into D&D or have a shy demeanor… have faith!  Grrls love a man with a brain.


Off to study.  


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  • Max Spacer

    Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more attractive, there you go.