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amc-theatres-logoThe movie theater has been a haven for me for quite some time.  I love getting lost in a great story and forgetting about the world for a couple hours.  I very much enjoy heading to the local AMC and catching a new release.  My favorite movies of all time include The NeverEnding Story (Atreyu!), Center Stage (red pointe shoes!) and Requiem For a Dream (Jared Leto, sigh!).  My snack of choice is Dibs Crunch.  Those ice cream bites are so yummy.  AMC is my favorite theater due to their comfy seats with high backs.  iPic is another theater I go to when I get the chance.  They serve gourmet food and have swivel trays, blankets and pillows.  Luxury at its best.  Anyway, here is a list of a few of my favorite movies I have seen recently:

Mad Max Fury Road – Tom Hardy!! God what a specimen of a man.  I’m gonna have a girl moment to myself because I can’t handle his charm.  Big sigh.  Back to the movie.  Great cinematic masterpiece pretty much sums it up. I saw it in IMAX with killer surround sound.  It was quite the experience.  The future world loosely based on harsh reality of what mankind can do to itself is heart wrenching at its core.  Greed and power corrupts man.  Charlize Theron plays a badass and, well, who does not love that.  And a beautiful group of supermodels to boot.  Not a bad anecdote if you ask me.

Mission Impossible Rouge Nation – Tom Cruise is a great actor.  I don’t really look at what he does in his personal life, that is his business.  On screen he kicks some serious butt.  The Mission Impossible series is action at its very best.  And the story is seamless.  It caught my attention from the first scene to the last.  Few movies do this as they run into boring points and you find your mind drifting off.  Not in this flick.  Car chases, shooting, drama at every turn.  Makes for a mind bending ride.  My favorite of the series.

Southpaw – Wow, very intense.  Jake Gyllenhaal gives a fantastic performance as a boxer.  Very real in a sense.  The dramatic nature of sports is highlighted.  The ups and downs of competition, power, money and family.  I must admit I shed a tear or two throughout this journey.  Professional athletics is a wild world.

Minions – First and foremost I must give a shoutout to Juliland’s own Mo Reese.  He is quite the fan of these yellow creatures.  They just make you smile really big from ear to ear.  The silliness and fun factor is through the roof.  It’s a perfect family movie.  The story ramping up to the birth of Despicable Me is a great ride.  I found myself feeling like a kid at heart.  Bee do!

Inside Out – I was thoroughly impressed with this one.  The regulation of emotions is bound in science and this feature highlights the struggle between all the feelings.  The bridges that were built and all the balls rolling down the tubes was a perfect demonstration of the pathway of such regulation.  We as humans feel a wide array of things from super duper happy to down in the dumps.  The struggle is to find that middle ground.  Ah, and my favorite part of the movie was the ‘Who puts broccoli on pizza?!”  I live in Hollywood so the modern nature of the jokes is hilarious.

Ex Machina – Saw this at the Landmark, another great theater here in Los Angeles.  It was limited release so I catch all the independent movies I am interested in seeing here.  One very cool thing about the Landmark to digress for a second is they have one theater equipped with big comfy leather couches.  How cool!  The movie- Artificial Intelligence and sexual awareness.  Very interesting premise.  How far can we take technology?  the AI quickly emulates knowledge comparable to humans and becomes smarter than mankind.  Yikes.  Debauchery ensues.  I also like the exploration of the idea of finding the perfect mate.  Will it soon become a reality.

Go grab your popcorn and make a date night at the movies!!


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