iHeart More w/Mo

FullSizeRenderJuliland’s very own Mo Reese aka “The Average Mo” has been gracious to have me on his podcast show five times now.  More to come.  They keep getting better and more fun as we go along.  Each episode is a chance for me to display one of my blogs and talk about the randomness of life.  I have also listened to a number of other episodes of More With Mo.  The other guests are super entertaining as well.  Check it out on julilandradio.com & check out Mo’s site theaveragemo.com

We discuss my top ten things I cannot live without.  Dessert, podcasts, great sex, etc.  The stuff in life that just makes you smile.

We discuss our mutual love for all that is game shows.  I have been an avid fan of trivia and the like for a long time.  Match Game with Gene Rayburn is my all time favorite.  Survey says… this is a good episode.

We discuss the sex edition bucket list I have.  I like to explore new and exciting things in the bedroom.  Who doesn’t wanna have some naughty fun once in a while?

I am joined by Serena Blair for this show.  We do a fun WTF episode.  The things that ya know, really irk us.

We discuss our mutual love for Target on my first appearance.  Or Tar-jay as most call it.  Love that store.

Hope you have a great time checking out these shows, enjoy!!


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