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img_0999I made it to the East Coast and landed in Beautiful Miami.  Thank you much to Hush Hush Entertainment and 101 Modeling.  They were very kind to have me there and I had more than a fantastic time!! 

My week started very early Monday morning to catch my nonstop flight from LAX.  I am a night owl so being an early bird is very tough!  I was beaming with excitement though so needless to say I was definitely wide awake.  We landed in Miami a short while later and I jumped into a nice convertible and was on my way to 2 days filled with shooting and mayhem- the fun kind.

The first shoot was with the awesome J Mac.  He has mesmerizing eyes… you can get lost in them.  I felt an affinity to this shoot because I was able to be myself and play a more natural role.  Just a guy and a girl having naughty fun on a couch.  What could possibly happen??  I mentioned to him giving fellatio to a guy is my absolute favorite and he gleamed with joy as he enjoyed the act just as much.  Great fun.

Day 2 was with the infamous Dredd.  BY FAR the biggest member I have seen/experienced/all of the above.  Oh my!!  You can look at pictures all you like but seeing it in person is quite the wonder in itself.  I honestly didn’t know… how much I could do… but took the experience in and enjoyed every moment.  Super cool dude.  A bit sensual himself as he likes the tongue play down his body to his crown jewel and the balls.  Mmmmmm 

I got the official Dredd workout and it was very orgasmic, no complaints here.

Another highlight of the trip was driving through Wynwood.  What a mecca of street art!!! I’ve never seen SO much art in a concentrated area.  

PS The weather in Miami this past week was gorgeous.  Got to take a nice walk and drive down the scenic routes.

Stay tuned for the fun we captured on camera, 

Twitter: @hushhushen1, @dreddxxx, @101modelinginc 


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