iHeart Melrose

I did my morning walk and perused Melrose Ave today.  Thought I’d share some cool pics with you guys.  West Hollywood has been a fantastic home for me in the past few months and I intend on staying here for a long time.  The vibrancy of this city is like no other.  And the list of adventures to embark on is quite endless.  There is something for everyone including myself.  I walk from my place to Starbucks most mornings to grab a cup of Joe as the kids say.  Soy Chai Latte to be exact. Yum!!  It is a great way to get regular exercise as well.  Gotta keep that summer beach bod for bikini season.  Am I right?!  So I put together a fun collection of fotos taken on my morning strolls.  One thing I love, probably my favorite, is the collection of street art that is very apparent around the city.  Exciting new works pop up now and then and it always makes me grin.  Art is so alive here.  It inspires me to progress in my creative endeavors, which right now is very valuable on an intrinsic level.  The art shows up on the sidewalk, billboards, sides of buildings, electrical boxes (the big boxes on the corners, I don’t know exactly what they are called.  Having a blonde moment)  Some super cool vintage shops line the streets as well.  I buy some of my clothes and shoes at these stores because they have one of a kind treasures.  One can always go to Target, which is still one of my fav spots don’t get me wrong, BUT independent stores rock.  And as I have previously shouted about my love for leggings as they are the large majority of my current wardrobe, the World of Leggings store is one I love going back to to pick up leggings in every different color and pattern.  The combinations are endless.  There are also super duper cool cafes up and down Melrose.  Juices… sandwiches… soup… and of course dessert!  Oh man, I’m really making myself hungry here.

I used to live in Santa Monica.  I would make the drive up to Hollywood when I could to walk around and have fun.  Now that I live closer it is SO much better!  Santa Monica and the beach is a great place to relax and unwind.  And I definitely go there when I find the time.  But artistic communities give me pure happiness.  Especially when you get the chance to live in the middle of all the fun craziness.  Woo Hoo.

I feel a shopping day coming on.  Oh, and I’m definitely gonna hit up Blick art materials for some more swag.  Working on a few different projects as we speak.

I heart you West Hollywood!




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