iHeart Masturbation

My latest video got me thinking a lot about good ole self pleasure.

Click to watch: http://ow.ly/Y3FoO

The shy part of me thinks masturbation is such a drrty word.  The naughty part of me concurs and wants to fully explore it.  I think a frequent sexual appetite is healthy.  Especially when you are free to express yourself and reach the pinnacle of pleasure.  I was a late bloomer to start but  have caught up rather quickly.  Did not even kiss a boy until I started college.  Oh my!  BUT I will admit I watched a plethora of blowjob videos in high school and snuck off to the girls room to play with myself.  I would close my eyes, slowly rub my nipples and enjoy the moment.  If they only knew my need for sexual escapades back then!

Once I met a guy and started having sex, my appetite slowly ramped up and I started exploring fetishes and more masturbation.  I had never really done it on a regular basis.  Not for any particular reason, just was a very late bloomer I guess.  But I blossomed.  I started masturbating every night religiously before bed.  Way better than a sleeping pill!  Nature made.  To this day I do it almost every night.  I get comfy in bed and rub my nipples with my eyes closed.  I think about giving a guy a blowjob.  My favorite thing by far.  Or me being blindfolded and manhandled while my hair is being pulled.  I picture my tongue going all the way up and down his cock and the boys underneath.  With my lips wrapped around it, I rub my nipples harder and start using my fingers or my trusty friend Ms. Vibrator.  I keep it on a cute little pillow next to the bed.  It’ll put ya out like a light.  Roll over and dream great things.

I also LOVE watching guys masturbate.  I think I have mentioned this before.  It’s no secret I love the male form and watching them in the middle of ultimate pleasure (aside from sex of course) is very satisfying.  I think that is why I enjoy blowjobs so much.  When my partner gets excited it’s the best turn on.  I like seeing guys take care of themselves in a video or in person- even better.  Ugh, so hot.

Couples can incorporate masturbation into their foreplay and get ramped up for some fun sex.  This is quite the experience.  Both people can get ready and it makes the sex that much better- and very lubricated.

This blog is sponsored by The Magic Wand.  And blowjob videos.  Lots of them.  Go rub one out.


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