iHeart Learning: College Daze

IMG_0734Spring semester has begun.  Time to dust off my thinking cap and put it back on.  Phew.  I have not taken classes for a few semesters so getting back into the swing of things.  Now the days of long study hours and caffeine are flooding back.

I had a good first day.  First class was Business Law and the guy sitting next to me turns and says “Not sure if a stoner can get through this class.”  He was a tad high.  I told him hey it may make you focus better!  I think we are now study partners.  I must admit I actually love math so Accounting is a big interest to me.  Rare I know but I am one of them.

Got my binders and highlighters and notebooks all ready at home.  I usually go to a local Starbucks or library to do work because there are way less distractions and more environment to focus.  My attention span is pretty darn short so all this reading is making my head hurt.  Short breaks.  Little every day.

I’m feelin good about it.  Learning all I can about business and its web of knowledge.  And who knows maybe I’ll meet a sexy nerd on campus.  He can “tutor” me.  A grrl can dream!


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