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IMG_5791Goodbye OC… Hello Los Angeles!!

I am currently sitting in the Huntington Beach Central Library writing this blog post.  There is a big waterfall in the middle of the library.  The sound of water crashing down is very peaceful and refreshing to the wandering mind.  Revisiting Orange County makes me think how it is vastly different from Los Angeles.  Sorry OC but I love my city of LA and homebase of West Hollywood.  My eccentric nature bodes well in Hollywood.  I grew up in Fullerton, lived for a few years on my own in Costa Mesa and shared a house with a few college guys for a while in Newport Beach (party every night and hot gang bangs wink wink… actually not too far from the truth).  It was nice.  Too traditional for me but nevertheless pretty nice.  Everything is too spread out.  The saving grace for OC is they have parking lots.  Hard pressed to find those in Hollywood or anywhere in greater Los Angeles.  Paid parking lots and meters everywhere.  Argh!  And it ain’t cheap either.  But you just cannot beat the culture and beauty of the city of LA.

OC is like a pretty grrl with nothing upstairs.  Nice to look at but no substance.  When I was a wee little grrl I remember telling my grandparents that I dreamed of being an artist and NEVER wanted to live in a cookie-cutter house in Irvine, it’d be incredibly boring.  I don’t think they grasped the full capacity of my thoughts but dismissed it nevertheless.  I was a bit of a black sheep.  But a happy sheep living in LA doing my art.  Hey, who can beat that with a stick?  Do what makes you happy and never stop.

OC always will have its redeeming qualities.  The HB library with its waterfall and ample workspace, the quaint Rooster Cafe down Bristol St that has the BEST french toast ever made, downtown Fullerton with the fun strip of bars and Slidebar (home to many local shows I have been to), the cleanliness and nice landscape, and of course the ample parking.

But LA!  Such quirkiness and promise.  I can’t deal.  It makes you want to dye your hair and make a giant sculpture.  I do not plan on dying my hair or getting a tattoo anytime soon if ever, but the artistic tendencies present around me feed me inspiration to do more art.  Which is so fantastic.  It is exactly what I need and crave.  I am currently working on learning how to make mosaic glass art and abstract drawings.  Feed the imagination.  There are also many classes and meet-ups I have found in many different areas.  Art, cooking, yoga, exercise, etc etc.  Yes they have them in OC too but so much richer in LA.  The soul bleeds happiness.  Also, Melrose is a street full of awesome stores and finds.  My favorite find (so far) is World of Leggings.  Yes, I found a store entirely stocked with leggings.  It’s my heaven.  There goes my paycheck really quick.  Ugh!  Love ya Hollywood.

Live life to the fullest and go for it.


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